Welcome to our Wardrobe FAQ’s Page

Find out everything you need to know about the Just Wardrobe Doors product range. If we haven’t answered your query below, then please don’t hesitate to email us at; sales@justwardrobedoors.co.uk

Design Questions

A: We have six standard door colours: Pure White, Edwardian White, Bone, Pebble, Dolphin Grey, Mink. If you’d like to paint your own doors we can supply them just primed white. Or if you have a favourite Farrow & Ball or Little Green colour let us know and we can match those too. Or if you want to get technical let us have the RAL code.

just wardrobe doors

A: YES, we released a range of sliding wardrobe doors on 20th August 2021. These doors are 22mm thick and work alongside a “sliding mechanism”. We do not supply the mechanism as every project is different but you can easily fit our doors into a sliding mechanism of your choice that suits your project. View all our sliding doors here.

A: The bedroom is a very intimate, private and personal space in the home. Choosing furniture for this space can be a very pleasurable and expressive process or stressful if you’ve not sure where to start. Here at JustWardrobeDoors, we want to provide a simple way to select the perfect look for your bedroom.

Wooden Wardrobe Fronts
Wooden wardrobe fronts such as the Metropole or Shaker offer an elegant & powerful look. They can alter the appearance of the ceiling height or hallway length. Light bounces off the gloss paint in a dovetail spread across the panels. However, this look can vary depending on the colour you choose. Darker colours can look more assertive and high end. Light colours can look glamorous and elegant.

Mirrored Wardrobe Fronts
Mirrored wardrobe doors do much more with light. They also make the fret work stand out across the reflective surface. They can look great in bedroom and kitchens as stand alone storage features. They almost certainly increase the appearance of the size of the room. They also naturally fit well in spaces filled with light, like besides windows or near skylights.

A: Yes we offer custom size doors. Simply choose your door design and enter your sizes within the CUSTOM SIZES tab. You will then be automatically emailed the price of your door.

A: Yes we do offer home visits dependent on your location and where we have Associate Designers in the area. Just email your postcode to us at sales@justwardobedoors.co.uk and we will get back to you.

A: Yes, we send out colour swatches. Please email your name and address to sales@justwardrobedoors.co.uk and we’ll pop them in the post to you.

A: It’s really simple. Please send us the measurements of the space you’d like your wardrobes in and photos of the area by email to sales@justwardrobedoors.co.uk We will then prepare a design and a quote within 48 hours for your consideration. Approve the quote and the design, place the order and we will prepare a full working drawing for your approval. Once you’ve given us the ok on that your furniture will go into production.

A: We have uniquely designed our wardrobe doors to work with IKEA Pax carcasses allowing you to optimise your budget by having your IKEA carcass with our luxury doors on the front. All the information you need to be able to utilise this option can be found under at the IKEA tab on our website or by clicking here.

A: Our finished doors are sprayed in hard wearing lacquer with a 10% satin sheen finish.

The answer depends on whether you are installing replacement wardrobe doors or a fitted wardrobe installation.

Sending us photos and drawings is useful in both aspects.

Replacement Wardrobe Doors

  1. The width of your carcass
  2. The height of your carcass
  3. Your hinge positions

Fitted Wardrobe Installation

  1. The width of the space
  2. The height of your space or ceiling
  3. The installation type

An installation type is a concept we use to describe how the wardrobe will be fitted to a wall. The options are;

  1. Installation Type A – Free Standing
  2. Installation Type – B – Wall to Wall
  3. Installation Type C – Left Hand Wall
  4. Installation Type D – Right Hand Wall

Technical drawing of fitted wardrobe doors.