Every Home is different

Due to our extensive experience in the wardrobe design and build industry, we understand that every home is different. We also know that a bedroom of home renovation projects can be difficult to forecast, use our online wardrobe builder to see online live pricing based on what you select.


  1. Choose your door design

  2. Choose your wardrobe interior

  3. Choose your fitting type

  4. Choose your installation option

  5. Order online (Delivery (4-6 weeks)

Wardrobe Designs we Love

Free Standing Savoy Mirror

  • 2 x Savoy Mirror Doors
  • 2 x Skirting
  • Fitting Type A

Casino Mirror with Fret Work

Casino mirror wide angle, white with mirrors, glass handles. Bespoke fitting.
  • 6 x Casino Mirror Doors
  • 2 x Skirting
  • Fitting Type B

Montague Mirror – Pebble White

Montague Mirror Wardrobe doors by Just wardrobe doors.
  • 4 x Montague Mirror Doors
  • 4 x Skirting
  • Fitting Type B

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