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Perfect for Interior Designers & Architects

We have designed a range of wardrobe doors built to suit a wide array of personal preferences, styles and types of home. This means we will most likely have a design perfect for many of your clients. This makes us the ideal wardrobe company to build a long term business relationship with.

We want to make design affordable, to allow everyone’s creative spirit to flow seamlessly in and out of ideas and discussion. We know every home is different and to add to that, every client is different. This is why we make a huge effort to allow all our clients to select any wardrobe door design, spray it any colour in the world and produce any size required for the project.

This makes us the perfect partner to “get flexible with”!

We lead the wardrobe industry by design. We design great wardrobes and we design around people’s budgets. This is why we are more than happy to support and guide you through the design process to help your own client’s achieve their goals.

This can sometimes require us to create other products such as dressing tables, islands and shelving to fill the space with products that have the same design and feel as our wardrobes. These are quotes on application.

Great for House Developers

Our wardrobe kits are inspired by the need to reach lower budgets and faster lead times. A wardrobe kit is a product we invented and comes with everything you need to fit a luxury wardrobe.

We are able to adjust these kits to contain even fewer components, they are easy to fit and come with fitting instructions.

Sometimes you have already built the carcass or frame and you only require the doors. We pride ourselves on our ability to produce high volumes of handmade, luxury wardrobe doors for developments that require multiple doors to be delivered as each house is completed.

We provide a wide array of fitting components that mean we can fit to almost any wall. This includes internal corners, end panels, wall scribes and cornice. We can create bespoke “wardrobe kits” depending on the requirements of each room.

Excellent for Wardrobe Fitters, Kitchen Designers & Handymen

Our website is designed to be used to select the door sizes, carcass and fitting trims that you require for any project. You can build everything online on-site, on the go or on your lunch break to receive a quote in minutes.

You could show our products and create a quote for your client on-site. You can even share and save your quotes!

We are proud to offer clear and transparent pricing online. It’s no secret that these products take hours to make and must be expertly finished by hand in our spray shop. We like to think we are good value for money.

Our components, doors and carcass are wrapped and packaged in the spray shop. We usually deliver in batches depending on the type of project and the time scale. Our doors have pre-drilled hinge holes so once the van arrives, the components can be un-wrapped and the wardrobe can be fitted.

Utilise our Door Sample Sets

Use our wardrobe door sample sets to showcase the quality and detail of our wardrobe doors. We have made “mini doors” in different colours and styles. With each sample case, you will also have samples of our 6 standard colours.

What items are included?

  1. 4 x Mini Door Samples
  2. 6 x physical paint samples
  3. 6 x door handles
  4. 1 x Physical Brochure
  5. 1 x carry case
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UK Delivery

Our wardrobe doors, end panels, carcass, skirting, cornice and fitting components can all be delivered nationwide to any location in the UK.

Design Support

Send us your drawings and plans for approval. For most bespoke or fitted wardrobe projects you may want to double-check that everything is going to fit together. We have lot’s of experience insuring doors are the right size and believe in measuring twice, cutting once!

wardrobe door design

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    YES – we will send you a fitting guide depending on the project you are undertaking.

    YES – however this will depend on the size of your project. This will be assessed on a case by case basis.

    YES – we provide everything you need to build almost any wardrobe installation with the products listed on our website.

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