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6 Door Design Ideas for Redecorating Your Bedroom

The trend of personalizing and customizing of bedroom doors is getting really popular. When it comes to door design there are many and everyday creative designers are coming up of unique ideas. Whether you want a door with a glass layout or a simple woody looks, you can easily create them with replacement doors.

Your bedroom or wardrobe doors is the one that is going to give the first impression of your room to your guests. That is why it is important that you set them well and unique and eye-catching as possible. When it comes to picking the perfect door design, there are many things to consider. The theme of the room, structure of the room, space available, and size of the doors.

To help you find the right door style that‚ best for your bedroom and match your style, we will be highlighting some of the hottest and most tending door designs below. Have a look.

The Savoy Mirror

1. The Shaker Mirror Wardrobe Doors

The Shaker Mirror door design has been inspired by the style of homes in The Hamptons. The design gives a mixture-vibe of both traditional and contemporary styles. You can use this door to cover up your whole wardrobe. It will definitely give you that pleasant summer feels to your room. Plus if you have larger windows, the mirrors can help brighten up your room.

The Shaker Mirror

2. The Casino Wardrobe Doors

The Casino Mirror wardrobe door design has been inspired by a movie called Casino Royale and so is the name been given. The design definitely talks loud about luxury- a luxurious beach hotel to be specific. The beautiful curves and the mirrored background design of the door will make your bedroom look like a 5 Star hotel room.

Casino Mirror Just Wardrobe Doors

3. The Montague Mirror Wardrobe Doors

If you looking for a completely classic look, the Montague Mirror is the one to go for. It is also one of the most demanded doors. Simple because of its design. The blending of beautiful classic wood with panels of mirrors makes the door look really classic. You can add a touch of Edwardian period by fitting in this door into your bedroom and make it look more elegant.

Montague Wardrobe Door

4. The Chancery Wardrobe Doors

Apart from the Montague Mirror door, the Chancery wardrobe door is another option for a classic bedroom. The rectangle mirrored frames are added with little extra design. It still gives that classic look and can go well with Victorian-style homes.

The Savoy Mirror IKEA

5. The Chelsea Wardrobe Doors

If you are thinking about something stylish for your bedroom, the Chelsea is really going to catch your eyes. The bubble-like design in the mirror fame can make your bedroom look stylish and fun as well. On a sunny day, the sparkle inside the room created by the reflection of the sunlight will make your room look magically.

Casino Mirror Just Wardrobe Doors

6. The Savoy Wardrobe Doors

The Savoy wardrobe doors design has been inspired by iconic buildings in London. This design is timeless. It has been fallowed in the past and continued even today. The grey Savoy Mirror can help you achieve grand entrance feel into your bedroom or other living space.

The Savoy Mirror

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