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How to Pick the Perfect Wardrobe Door for your Bedroom

The bedroom is a very intimate, private and personal space in the home Choosing furniture for this space can be a very pleasurable and expressive process and here at just wardrobe doors, we want to provide a simple way to select the perfect look for your bedroom.

The wardrobe doors fronts are often an overlooked part of the design process. This space is the perfect opportunity to provide some “wow factor”!

So, what are the factors to consider? In this blog we will outline the same design process we go through with every client who would like to chat or has questions.

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Mirrors or No mirrors

Bubble wall
Shaker-Classic-wardrobe-door panelled

Wooden wardrobe fronts

Wooden wardrobe fronts such as the Metropole or Shaker can offer quite an elegant & powerful look. They can alter the appearance of the ceiling height or hallway length. Light bounces off the gloss paint in a dovetail spread across the panels. However, this look can vary depending on the colour you choose. Darker colours can look more assertive and high end. Light colours can look glamorous and elegant.

Mirrored wardrobe fronts

Mirrored wardrobe doors do much more with light. They also make the fret work stand out more across the reflective surface. They can look great in bedroom and kitchens as stand alone storage features. They almost certainly increase the appearance of the size of the room. They also naturally fit well in spaces filled with light, like besides windows or near skylights.

Free standing

Free standing wardrobes can be a great option in kitchens and bedrooms. The legs can create quite a classic look and this feature really does stand out, especially with wardrobe fret work or mirrors.

Fitted wardrobes are a much more permanent feature of the home. Fitted wardrobes can also increase the amount of usable storage space in the unit. On the outside you can create a beautiful transition from carpet to wardrobe. The cornice on the top can also be designed to fit the design of your home. The fitted wardrobes definitely have more space for design and functional storage.

Weather you have fitted or freestanding wardrobes you can use our wardrobe doors to edit or improve your wardrobe look & feel. Visit our shop here to browse different wardrobe designs and colours. 

Colours, Fret work & Door Handles


The great thing about browsing wardrobes from our wardrobe shop is that if you did pick the wrong colour in your bedroom. Now – could be the time to choose the right colour for you. Choosing your wardrobe colour should be based on what feature you want to highlight in your space.

The wardrobe is a fantastic place to express yourself. However, you can use colour the help your wardrobes blend in so the focus of the room is drawn to another feature such as the bed stand or kitchen island.

Just wardrobe doors colour range.

Just wardrobe doors offers a unique and classy range of colours.

The fret work and door handles

These features can often be used to really finish the design. The fret work and door handles are much more prominent on macro scale and only really get full appreciation with the use of the wardrobe doors.

Handles comes in many different colours, designs and materials and can be found here in our online shop. 

In conclusion A wardrobe can adopt many looks, feels and styles. The most important thing is that you consider the other features in your space and the look that you are trying to achieve. But also, one must consider the function of the space within the home – the exterior look is the face that friends, family and other visitors will see most of the time. The effect that the wardrobe fronts have on the style of room it important too! At Just Wardrobe Doors we supply a number of different looks styles and self install options for those looking to put more thought into the design of their wardrobes.

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