Sliding Wardrobe Doors or Hinged Wardrobe Doors
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Sliding Wardrobe Doors or Hinged Wardrobe Doors?

Introduction to the dilemma of Hinged Wardrobe Doors vs Sliding Wardrobe doors

When making home improvements, many people do not even consider replacing their wardrobe doors. We think the wardrobe is one of the most prominent features in most rooms in your home and is often a showcase feature. Replacing wardrobe doors is often the most cost effective way of making drastic home improvements. Choosing the right door for you and your home can be a challenge, one of the biggest and first decision to make is; do I go for sliding wardrobe doors or hinged? In this blog we will attempt to answer this question for you.

To summarise the below we feel sliding wardrobe doors lack that “wow factor” and premium feel. We have chosen to focus on what we do best; hinged wardrobe doors. Installing wardrobes is a long term decision for many individuals looking to spruce up their home and we feel hinged hard and & soft wood wardrobe doors, finished with a premium hand selected paint is the best way to achieve your long term vision. Below we will layout our point of view:

Benefits of sliding wardrobe doors

Sliding doors have the following advantages over hinged doors in the following areas:

  1. Space
  2. Price
  3. Weight


Sliding wardrobe doors have the benefit of being able to slide open instead of folding out into valuable room space. This can cause the loss of valuable space in small city flats and utility rooms.


The average price of sliding wardrobe doors tends to cost less due to the use of plastic & metal. Instead of hardwood grown as trees.


Sliding wardrobes also tend to be lighter due to the materials they are made of. They are also often thinner. This can make them light and easy to slide.

Sliding wardrobe doors tend to fall back in these areas

  1. They make noise
  2. Can look cheap
  3. Does not work with light


Sliding wardrobe doors move on “sliders”. The friction produced from these sliders is transformed into noise as you slide the doors open.


Just wardrobe doors feel like sliding doors just lack that premium and classic feel that hinged wardrobe doors have naturally. You are also limited on finish as plastic cannot be sprayed as beautifully as hard or softwood.


Mirrors are challenge to work into the design of sliding wardrobe doors. Mirrors are essential for reflecting value light into your room. They can also make the room look and feel bigger! Making up for the shortcomings of wardrobe doors when it comes to saving space.

Benefits of hinged wardrobe doors

Hinged wardrobe doors beat sliding wardrobe doors in the following areas:

  1. Speed & ease of installation
  2. Design potential
  3. Works with light
  4. Finish potential
  5. Look and feel
  6. Storage

Speed & ease of installation

Hinged wardrobe doors only require a few screws and a set of hinges per door. Our doors are possible to install single handedly but we recommend using a professional from or ask a friend to help. It also means if your love your doors so much you can remove them and take them to your next house/flat if you move.

Design potential

The nature of a solid wood wardrobe door for the designer is that there is plenty of space for design and innovation. We hope that we can showcase this on our website with our beautiful array of modern wardrobe doors.. View our gallery here.

Works with light

Wooden hinged wardrobe doors can work with light as you can finish them with a very shiny coat of paint and of course add mirrors.

Finish potential

Good craftsmanship can make or break a wardrobe doors. The finish that our suppliers achieve is due to a meticulous sanding and spraying routine. The wardrobe doors are then dried in an open so the paint also dries evenly. They are then cleaned and polished and bubble wrapped ready for delivery.

Look and feel

The combined weight, finish and handles of a hinged wardrobe door can produce a “butterfly” feeling everytime you open a door. They act as an aperture to present your clothes, shoes and other accessories you choose to store in your wardrobe.


Arguably the actual storage space is no different. But it’s the design potential you get with the more sturdy carcass that comes with hinged wardrobe doors. You can buy carcass’s and carcass extras ready to install at

Hinged can also be limited in the following areas:

  1. Heavy
  2. More expensive
  3. Space


Wooden wardrobe doors, especially with a mirror can weigh quite a bit. The weight however vary on a number size variations. Typically a door can weigh anything from 10kg to 25kg. However, we believe that the weight, once fitted to the carcass, can add a premium feel when you open the door. When you enquire for a quote at Just Wardrobe Doors using our “made to measure calculator”, we will get back to you with an expected shipping weight and costs.


Due to the materials and extra labour involved in the process of building a wardrobe door. They do tend to cost more. We are trying to combat this by offering a modern design including a premium finish and door handles for just £199.


Hinged wardrobe doors swing outwards into the room on their hinges. However, Sliding wardrobe doors only have their opposites to slide into. This means that you may save room space with sliding doors BUT you will never be able to consider your entire wardrobe without having to slide the the other doors back, making “getting dressed” feel quite industrial. When you open hinged wardrobe doors with both hands it can feel quite magical!


Sliding wardrobe doors should be used if your looking to save space or install a more secluded private design. Hinged doors should be used if you’re looking for a showcase centrepiece to add a really atmosphere to any room in the house.

Just wardrobe doors provide straightforward approach to beautiful hinged wardrobe. Just select your design, add to card and we will deliver the doors on 6 weeks!