The Casino Mirror IKEA

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Inspired by the movie Casino Royale this door offers a luxurious, beach hotel feel.

To use IKEA PAX Carcass 1000mm x 2010/2360mm – select door sizes 496mm x 1946mm or 496mm x 2294mm

All doors supplied with hinge holes drilled in the same position so you can use the IKEA hinges, or order our IKEA Blum replacement hinges supplied with a fitting plate.

Doors are hand sprayed in a MATT FINISH, which is hard wearing and blends with most interior paint finishes.

If you want to paint them yourself just order PRIMED WHITE.

THESR DOORS ARE 18mm thick

Client Colour
Pure White
Edwardian White
Dolphin Grey

Custom order

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Casino Wardrobe Door Video

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