Enhance your Home with Mirror Wardrobe Doors

Our mirrored wardrobe doors provide maximum access to the inside of your wardrobe while adding a touch of class, style, and elegance. Mirror has wonderfully deceptive properties; a wall of mirrors presents the illusion of more space. Mirrored wardrobe doors can be styled to make your room look bigger and give a room a lighter feel.  Natural daylight and artificial lighting, reflect well in mirrors and they reflect all of the natural light coming in through your windows, giving a brighter and more spacious feel to the room.

You can opt for all mirrored doors or mix them up with our plain shaker or panelled doors, which can look very smart. Why not take a look at our customer’s gallery for some ideas. Every door we make is made to measure to ensure it fits perfectly in the space it’s intended for. It may be a surprise, but each opening can be a slightly different size due to human error, defective materials, or simply walls not being perfectly square. We can accommodate virtually any sized space including full-length designer storage walls for sitting rooms, half-size wardrobes for attics, or maybe just a small nook under the stairs.

Ordering Online

Designing your mirrored wardrobe couldn’t be easier. Pick your sizes and measurements, style it to the finish of your choice and add in any extras. Simply measure your space and order online, or send us a photo or plans and we’ll work out the sizes required to fit your space. You can use our contact form here to upload your pictures. Any questions please email us and we will do our best to help, replying to your inquiry within 48 hours.


More Choice, Faster Delivery, Quality DIY Mirrored Wardrobe Doors – Made To Measure!