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A door that adds a fun yet stylish feel to any bedroom.

Design Tip: To use IKEA PAX Carcass 1000mm x 2010/2360mm – select door sizes 496mm x 1946mm or 496mm x 2294mm


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All our wardrobe doors are expertly handcrafted, progressing through a multi-stage production process to achieve the highest quality finish possible. 

We don’t cut corners – we believe if you want the best wardrobe doors in the world, they need to be handmade. We handmake all our doors in the UK and use UK suppliers for our materials and labour. 

Our designs measure up – to the most iconic and ore inspiring shapes and designs found across Europe. Our wardrobe door designs have been inspired by; the tapas squares of Madrid, the architecture of London, the dining halls of royalty and even James Bond Films! 

We utilise different techniques and materials for each design incorporating mirrors, decorative fretwork and interesting angles that use light in different ways to wow the observer. 

Once the door has been created, we hand spray any colour of your choice. Standard colours are found here. Our preparation process is one of the reasons our doors stand out as the best. Our care and attention to detail set us apart from other wardrobe companies. 


Explore all FAQs here. 

How thick are your wardrobe doors? 

Our wardrobe doors are 22mm thick because we believe this creates a premium and permanent feel. 

However, you can request 18mm thick doors if you need to decrease your budget. 

Do you supply hinges? What type? 

We supply hinges as an optional extra. 

The choices are; 

How do you place hinge holes? Can I change them? 

Our hinges holes come in 2 standard set-ups; 

Standard Hinge Holes

These are placed to create the strongest connection and distribute the weight evenly. This also creates a subtly premium “opening” experience. 

To Suit Ikea PAX

These hinges holes are drilled to suit the Ikea PAX carcasses. 

Custom Choice

You can send us a file or drawing of exactly where you need your hinge holes to be. This is great for replacement wardrobe door projects or where specific carcass features need to be avoided.

What’s the largest door I can request? 

The largest standard sized door would be 1200mm x 3600mm in theory. We offer made to measure wardrobe door sizes however, a door this large would require 3 people to fit and extra hinge holes due to the weight. 

Do you make other doors? Kitchen doors? Top Doors? 

Yes, we do. Please enquire at to enquire about Kitchen Doors and Wardrobe Top Doors. 

How do I know what size wardrobe door to buy? 

This does depend on your design goals and the size of your space. However, a general rule would be to work backwards from your wall dimensions to create your carcass configuration.

Once you are happy with the carcass sizes you are going to use, you can start to look into what sized wardrobe doors you would need to purchase to hang on the carcass.  

The simple answer is; Your doors need to be 4mm less in width and 6mm less in height than your carcass dimensions. 

For example; A carcass measuring 1000mm x 2200mm would require;

  1. 2 x 496mm x 2194mm doors
  2. 1 x 996mm x 2194mm.

Please read our blog for an in-depth guide

What materials do you use to create your wardrobe doors? 

We use high quality and high-density moisture-resistant MDF for the majority of our doors. However, we use Pine, Mirror, and brass across some wardrobe door designs. 

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Delivery typically takes 6-8 weeks from the moment payment is received by us.