Wardrobe Interior – Single Double Hanging

£360 inc VAT

You usually use 2 wardrobe doors per large wardrobe interior. A 1000mm wide carcass will typically be suitable for 2 x 496mm wardrobe doors. A 900mm interior would require 446mm wide wardrobe doors. Learn how to measure here. 

Our wardrobe interiors are constructed from 18mm thick material on all sides including the back. Our standard carcass depth is 580mm, however, this can be customised to suit your project. 

  • Material thickness: 18mm
  • Standard carcass depth: 580mm

Supplied with 4 adjustable legs per carcass. 

We supply Blum hinges and plates that create a really strong connection with these wardrobe interiors.

Supplied with rails, shelves and drawers as shown.

Suitable for use with two wardrobe doors (not included).

We offer 3 varied material options; 

  • Light Sorano Oak – Our most realistic and timeless carcass finish.
  • Grey Vicenza Oak – A modern finish with a flat texture. 
  • Lincoln Walnut – A traditional warm oak with golden tones

If you require a made to measure sized carcass – please contact us to discuss a design consultation.

Select the sizes and finish that you love using our options below.

Grey Oak


Can I customise the interiors? 

Yes. You can customise your carcass interiors with shoe trays, extra shelves, draws and jewellery dividers.

How do I build an angled carcass’? 

Yes. You need to take specific measurements of the wall and ceiling up to and around the angle or sloped ceiling. This process does require accurate measuring. Equally, you could use stylish sprayed slap shelves or place a dressing table in the space.

Is it easy to build? 

Sort of. Our carcasses arrive flat packed with fitting instructions but you will need previous DIY experience and quality tools such as a drill and tape measure to assemble the carcass. We also recommend that two people are involved in the construction.

Do I fit onto the carpet? 

Ideally no. You should always aim to fit onto a sturdy floor. They will need to be relatively even but the legs are adjustable. If you have already laid your carpet, you can cut holes for the legs and cover this up with a plinth.

How do I know how tall my carcass should be? 

This depends on the design you would like to achieve. A plinth or skirting set is usually 40 – 120mm. An upstand can be 40mm to 250mm and our cornice is 75mm when placed at an angle. This will help you understand how tall your carcass should be in relation to your ceiling height. This means you should aim to reduce around 200mm from your ceiling height to find your carcass height. The space left at the top can either be scribed to the ceiling or left which is what we call a shadow gap.

How do I know how wide my carcass should be? 

This depends on the storage space you require and the number of wardrobe doors you would like to install. It’s good to try and work in whole numbers such as 500mm and 1000mm. You want your carcass sizes to work with single and double door wardrobe combinations. If you had a space of 3500mm, you would aim to use 3 x 1000mm and 1 x 500mm carcasses.

Do you drill shelf holes? 

Yes. We do not drill shelf holes as standard but you can request to have your shelf holes drilled.

How do I measure the hinge positions? 

The hinge positions are determined by the hinge holes positions of the wardrobe doors. We space our 100mm down from the bottom and 100mm up from the bottom. We divide the space left by 3 and that gives us 2 even hinge holes in the middle of any door. This means we get a strong hold even on made to measure sizes.

We can also position the hinge holes to suit IKEA PAX carcasses. Learn more here. 

How do I build around a corner? 

You can build a corner wardrobe by using 2 x carcasses and an “internal corner piece”.

How do I finish my wardrobe carcass with trims? 

To really complete your wardrobe, you can surround the carcass and wardrobe doors with “trims”. You attach these to the left, top, right and bottom of the wardrobe to really give it that luxury feel.

For the top

For the bottom

For the left and right

How do I create a breakfront column?

You use our unique breakfronts to push your carcass forward of the other. This can be a unique and grand wardrobe design.

Extra Information


Delivery typically takes 6-8 weeks from the moment payment is received by us.